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Become a Vocational Education Teacher and teach one or more subjects within a prescribed course of study at technical and further education (TAFE) institutes, polytechnics and other private training institutes (RTO’s) to tertiary students for vocational education and training purposes. Vocational school teachers, also known as career and technical teachers, prepare students for careers that require a specific set of skills rather than preparing them for bachelor’s degrees. Teaching vocational school typically involves providing students with direct experience with the equipment and technology they will use in their careers immediately upon graduation. Vocational schools and vocational programs in high schools teach a variety of topics, including medical technology, dental hygiene, cosmetology, specialised engineering skills, auto repair, and many others. What are you waiting for, start your journey into a new career today. Fill in the form below, download the information pack or just get on the phone and have a chat on 1300 887 017.

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Outcomes & Job Opportunities

A Vocational Education Teacher may be involved in a range of tasks including:
  • Identifying the various needs of students and creating effective learning options to meet these needs
  • Liaising with individuals, industry and education sectors to ensure provision of relevant programs and services
  • Planning, designing and developing course curriculum and method of instruction
  • Advising students on courses and related matters
  • Teaching students using teaching aids including presentation of lesson materials, discussions, workshops, laboratory sessions, multimedia aids and computer tutorials
  • Marking and grading students’ assignments, papers and exams and providing feedback to students about their progress
  • Maintaining records of students’ progress, attendance and training activities
  • Consulting with Education Managers, Librarians, Student Counsellors and other support staff