Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)  is a formal process that is based on a portfolio of evidence submitted by you, the candidate to achieve recognition for a single or multiple unit of towards a qualification. You will need to provide: • Evidence of prior training and qualifications – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT) for some units of competency in this qualification; and • Evidence of current competence – Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)

You build a portfolio of evidence

Each qualification requires evidence of your ability to be competent in a range of activities and functions demonstrating autonomous work within a range of related situations and activities.

Quality portfolio preparation takes time

We appreciate that evidence gathering and portfolio preparation takes some time. However, it is in your interests to get things organised as quickly as possible.


You need supporting evidence to authenticate that the products and processes you are submitting are indeed your work. Third party letters may be needed to support your portfolio.

Recent evidence is preferred

The assessor is looking for currency of competence so use recent projects as evidence. As a rule of thumb, evidence from the last two years is preferable and do not go back more than five years. To have skills formally recognised in the national system, assessors must make sure you have the skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard. This means you must be involved in a careful and comprehensive process that covers the content of all unit/s or qualification/s you can be recognised for. Assessment happens in a variety of ways. Being prepared can save you valuable time and hassle and make the recognition process stress-free for you.


There are many ways that the FC Education Assessor might verify your achievement of the required course competencies. These steps do not always occur in the order specified below and your RPL Assessor will guide you through the steps required to demonstrate competency in the units for which you will be able to achieve RPL. Step 1 – Provide information of your skills and experience The General Evidence Check list (page 9) and the Detailed Evidence Check list (pages 10-12) Complete the attached forms and provide as much information about your previous experience in your employment and study as you can. This is your first opportunity (and not the last) to provide proof of your variety of experience in the industry. Step 2 – Interview with Assessor An assessor will review the information you have provided and begin to match up your skills to the units/subjects in the qualification. At this point, you will have the opportunity to discuss and identify your previous experience with the assessor who will understand your industry experience and conduct a competency conversation with you. You will be required to answer related questions to identify your current skills. Please bring all original documents for verification to this interview. Step 3 – Practical demonstration of your skills The assessor will conduct a practical skills test at your workplace (if appropriate) or at another suitable venue. This, again, is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of competence. This assessment will be focused on skills that are required in the qualification. Your assessor will identify the skills that he/she will want you to demonstrate. Step 4 – Third Party Report The assessor will be able to help you obtain appropriate third party reports where you have supervisors or peers that can help you substantiate your competency. Step 5 – Other Evidence Sources Sometimes the assessor or you might identify another relevant source of evidence that helps substantiate your competency. The assessor will not hesitate to consider creative options that support any evidence that is valid, current and authentic if it contributes to you providing sufficient evidence to be granted RPL.

 To Apply for an RPL or Credit Transfer

To apply please call our Head Office on 1300 887 017 or click the link HERE to email our RPL Assessor. We will then provide you with further details on the process and provide support in guiding you through the application.