Why study with FC Edcuation

Whether a student studies with FC Education online or face to face, the manner in which our students are assessed and managed throughout their course establishes a high standard of industry skills. All critical practical assessment tasks are assessed individually by tutors or teachers either by observing the student deliver the skill face to face or by uploading a video of the tasks to their online assessment profile. The critical skills required for students to become work-ready must be assessed by a FC Education qualified teacher and assessor and we do not rely on a third party’s observation of these performances. This quality control ensures that we produce a consistently high standard of graduate and our criteria for each performance tasks is not watered down through non-assessor qualified personnel providing feedback on students work. Critical tasks must be performed on at least 3 separate occasions and assessed as competent at each time in order to be determined as work ready.

FC Education Teachers, Assessor and Tutors

FC Education staff that work with students range in qualifications, skills and experiences. All teachers are experienced and understand the Business and Management fields with many teachers having owned and managed their own business and in many cases multiple businesses. Assessors from FC Education all hold the Certificate IV Training and Assessment Qualification and have recently updated this with the new Language Literacy and Numeracy (TAELNN411). Overseeing all assessors and teachers are senior staff with either topic specific or education related tertiary degrees. Tutors work with students in many ways including, via the student portal communication logs, telephone chats, skype calls, and a range of social media. All assessors are experienced in both the industry sector they tutor in and education of students completing formal qualifications.

Possible Careers

Enterprise Trainer & Assessor Vocational Education Teacher Office Administrator Business Manager