Are all the FC Education courses Nationally Recognised and Fully Accredited Australia Wide?
Yes! All courses are nationally recognised and accredited! FC Education is a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO Number: 31903). FC Education complies with current legislative and regulatory requirements impacting on participants in training. FC Education complies with all standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. All assessment and certification is granted under and complies with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Issuance Policy. All FC Education courses are approved for Centrelink study. If you are eligible for Centrelink finance or Austudy, speak to a representative and complete the necessary documents.
Am I really going to be ready to start work when I have completed the course?
FC Education invests significantly in development and is continually reviewing its practices and training methods. It is with this commitment to excellence that you as a student benefit. Don’t just become ‘another staff member’ – study with a College that ensures you come out humble, yet confident, knowledgeable and with a great attitude to work. Businesses all over the world are actively sourcing our students because they are willing to learn and already have a great knowledge base and practical skills.
Flexible payment options? How can I pay for the course?
FC Education does not want the pressures of finance and payment to ever become an issue. We help you come up with a payment plan that is easy and fits into your individual budget. Easy payment via direct debit as well as pay in full options are available. Talk to a FC Education Career Adviser about your individual circumstances and we will come up with a plan that suits.
How long do the Online courses take to complete?
The flexibility to each course is the key! Many of our students are working full time and completing their studies. We also assist many students in formulating a plan to complete the course in a set time frame. We have had students complete a Qualification in as little as 6 months, and others that wish to take the full 12 months allowed per qualification. The choice is yours! Chat to a FC Education Career Adviser and devise a study plan that suits you! FC Education will be with you every step of the way in your journey to become a Professional. Remember, becoming a quality “Professional” is not just about having a “piece of paper” and qualification – we want our FC Education graduates to be leaders in their industry! Quality is key!
Am I too old to earn a new qualification?
Very easy answer – ‘NO!’ The business world is crying out for ‘real people’! Are you passionate about helping others, have a solid work ethic and have been thinking about it for years?? Chat to FC Education today. We have a huge diversity of students aged from 16 – 61, there are no boundaries to improving your employment options. Take the leap today!
Is certification via a correspondence course the same as doing it face to face?
In short – Yes, all Registered Training Organisations have to use the same training package regardless of the length and study mode of the course. FC Education’s online course is identical to that of our blended and face to face course! The only difference is that you don’t sit in a classroom and complete your tuition! Online study involves you putting in time to carefully read, analyse and understand the material and then transfer that to the  ‘real world’.
Are there any additional costs involved in the course?
On Campus: Besides personal stationery, your own internet access plan and laptop/PC — there are NO extra fees! Plus you have thousands of resources online available at your finger tips! Online: All personal materials and technology required for you to complete your study is at your own expense.
RPL and Skills Recognition. How does the process work?
If you have already completed some formal training before, you can apply for RPL or credit transfer towards your new qualification. Chat to FC Education today and work out the best way to submit your RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). Once assessed by FC Education – we will put your plan together for completion of the competencies for your qualification. PRICE: There is a $25 application fee. Once assessed a FC Education Career Adviser will discuss the course fees with you.
How does online study work? Is there loads of textbooks to study?
No everything is provided online. Our specially designed “Students” area has ALL of your resources, lecture notes and much much more! This website will be your ‘learning platform’ and you can easily access your study material and student support.